Wireguard or V2Ray

Our apps (regular vpn above) only do NOT work in few countries due to their governments Closing the Global internet and imposing severe restrictions. They do not work in *"Syria, Cuba, North Korea".
So we have a new service for them. A new service called V2RAY and Wireguard.
A type of proxy server is built based on different protocols.
The wireguard and v2ray protocol is a relatively new service that has good acceptance in terms of speed and connection quality.

*We send you the wireguard service, it is easy to use than v2ray. Also it has Apps for all OS.

Wireguard is single user and one server from Freance. but V2ray is 2 user at same time, if you want *v2ray* open a ticket please.
Wireguards - v2ray Price $2.00/mo
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Included With Every Plan
  • v2ray
  • v2ray service
  • v2ray setup
  • v2ray ng
  • v2ray account
  • v2rayNG
  • v2ray configure
  • v2ray provider
  • Wireguard
  • wireguard proxy