Buy vpn only $1

Yes, you can buy a vpn $1 for one year and enjoy surf the web anonymously 100% and alsoshare your vpn with your family and freinds because our vpn services are 5 multi login! Means you can connect the vpn on 5 devices at same Time!

buy vpn only $1
  • VPN Servers: 10 +
  • VPN Service: Ikev2 , PPTP , IPSec, OpenVPN (udp-tcp), Cisco VPN
  • Login: 5 simultaneous connections by default
  • BDW: Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Switching
  • Free App: for Windows x
  • Up to : 1024 bit Encryption
  • P2P/Torrent: allowed on England, Netherlands, Canada servers
  • VPN Servers: USA (New York, Buffalo, Chicago, North Carolina, Texas, Los Angeles, Ohio, Florida Miami, Delaware, Rochester), Canada (Toronto)
    UK/England (London, Manchester) , France (Roubaix) , Germany (Frankfurt , Bayern), 
    Netherlands (Amsterdam), Sweden (Stockholms), Switzerland (Zurich), Russia (Saint Petersburg), 
    , Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Note: Static VPN means all IPs are stable and fixed.

Friday, May 31, 2019

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